Why Give?

Queen’s College relies on the generous support of its community of alumni, parents, friends and businesses in pursuit of its mission for excellence in the classroom, on the athletic fields and in service to the broader Bahamian community. Over the years our move to modernise with technological enhancements, cutting edge athletic programs, the introduction of spiritual, professional and personal development opportunities for faculty and staff, and to provide tuition assistance are the primary methods which contribute to Sharpening the Saw.

Tuition alone does not balance the budget, nor does it ensure a solid financial foundation for the future. How would you like to make a difference?

Where To Give?

Gifts to the Queen’s College Annual Fund helps to support the school’s mission, from supporting leadership programs, technical development and professional enhancement. Each gift is a thank you to your school and recognition that the torch must continue to burn and be passed on.

The Arts

Queen’s College has historically counted The Arts as a critical component for our students to receive a diverse education. Your gift to our QC Arts programme allows us to capture, cultivate and invest in the artistic talent of every student.


Your gift will allow us to provide the seed to develop Olympic level mentorship to all students, from the extraordinarily gifted student-athlete to the student with a healthy extracurricular interest. The ability to offer high-performance training and competition through the maintenance and growth of facilities & equipment will continue to add value to the school’s rich history of excellence.

Comet Gift Fund

The Comet Gift Fund is a newly created fund to support the Parent Teacher Association. It is true that the grade level or homeroom teacher occupies a large percentage of your children’s time while on school grounds, but they also interact with other equally kind and caring members within the school community. Whether it be the janitorial staff, speciality teachers in art, music, shop, gym, the security staff or the cafeteria crew, your child is positively impacted by this larger community. The Comet Gift Fund is an opportunity for parents to say thank you to ALL of them.

The fund also allows the opportunity for parents and teachers to enrol in workshops, seminars and tutorials that offer support or enhancement to parents whose children are enrolled throughout the various grade levels, and teachers who wish to enhance their professional well being, family well being and overall health. [7 Habits for Strong Families / How to Series – Literacy, Numeracy, College Readiness / Health and Wellness / Financial Wellness]

Curriculum Enhancement

Help us Sharpen the Saw – Your gift will allow QC to infuse modern techniques and innovation across our curriculum to provide the foundation of excellence through first-class education to our deserving students. The fund supports initiatives for the school as a whole,(e.g. Steven Covey Programs) as well as for all branches of the QC curriculum development goal. A few of these are listed below. Please visit each branch for more details.

Educational Technology

Supports the development of technology devoted to the implementation and application of tools (including software, hardware, and processes) intended to promote education.


Great schools develop great leaders. Our goal is to provide world-class leadership programmings such as our ‘Leader in Me’ series for students and parents and faculty and staff. Queen’s College is well on its way to achieving Lighthouse status, a Steven Covey designation that heralds the school as a leader in 7 Habits utility. [Links to 7 Habits Parent Portal/Staff Portal]

Principle’s Project

This fund allows our Principal, to direct your gift to the area of greatest need.


Your donation toward financial aid endowments will open the doors to Queen’s College for many deserving Students who couldn’t otherwise participate in enrichment opportunities provided through our School!

Comets Henceforth Campaign is the largest of the fundraising projects for Queen’s College. The monies raised are to aid the school in breaking ground on significant development projects.

Campus Entrance
CFE Campus Expansion
Resource Library

The Endowment funds supplement annual giving and make a Queen’s College education affordable for a wide range of local and expatriate families, and is the jump start for many of the Principal’s Projects. An endowed gift requires the gift principal be held in perpetuity with the income only being used to fund the specific intent. Create an endowment in honour of a professor, student, relative, or friend. The endowment will permanently benefit Queen’s College and its constituents while confirming generously and thoughtfully your recognition of someone’s life and accomplishments.

The Queen’s College endowment funds can be compared to an individual’s savings account and investment. Income from our endowment is another reliable source of annual revenue, providing support for teachers, students, and programs without pushing up tuition. An endowment is also a financial reserve that puts the School in a position to seize opportunities such as investing in technology, launching Queen’s College’s endowment fund above all, perhaps, means long-term security, protecting the School’s quality if enrollments temporarily decline or the economy hits a rough spot.

Although all gifts to an endowment strengthen QC, there are three areas of particular concern: GENERAL ENDOWMENT, supports the 4 pillars, Foundation, Primary, High and CFE, ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS for students and

A Forever Gift For A Forever School

A planned gift is any major gift, made within a lifetime or at death. It is deciding in advance what happens to your estate as part of an overall financial plan. Whether you use cash, securities or stock, real estate, artwork, Will Bequest, Life Insurance, Securities & Investments, Real Estate or Memorial donations, or some other mechanism, funding a planned gift can make your charitable giving secure and lasting. Planned Gifts are a statement to your legacy and guarantees that the things that are important to you receive the benefit of your generosity while ensuring your family and or estate are secure.

An immediate gift to Queen’s College in concert with long-term gift planning in the form of a bequest enables you to envision your legacy to Queen’s College while witnessing the immediate impact of your gift. Gifts wisely planned help meet your charitable and financial objectives and help QC plan and strategies into the future.

What To Give

IN-KIND: Your In-kind contribution

FINANCIAL: You can choose to give individual tokens of appreciation to a fund that other friends of the Queen’s College community are contributing, or as a collaborative effort with your year or organisation. Your gift will support many programs and initiatives you may not be able to cultivate and complete on your own.

Parents and Alumni alike often ask for a contribution guideline. Last year we received XXX individual contributions ranging from $XX to just over $X, XXX with the average gift at about $XXX. We would love to have 100% family and Alumni participation; therefore, we appreciate any amount you’d like to contribute to this fund.

TIME: Alumni have opened their business and given of their expertise and experience through mentorship of both current and matriculated students. The gift of time also allows our students to share their time and talents to support your businesses goal linking your Corporate Social Responsibility charter with student learning.

When To Give

The ultimate goal of Connecting is the School’s long-term financial foundation while providing you with a flexible and advantageous way to demonstrate your passion for the School and is something everyone can consider regardless of age or financial situation.